JPS Tree Services and Landscaping is here to assist you with tree removal, whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or due to safety concerns. There are several situations where tree removal becomes necessary:

  1. Cosmetic Enhancement: If you wish to improve the appearance of your property by removing a tree.
  2. Safety Concerns: When a tree becomes a hazard to people or property due to its condition.
  3. Competition or Harm: Trees that overcrowd or harm neighboring trees may need removal.
  4. Owner’s Preference: If you, as the property owner, desire to replace the tree with more visually appealing foliage.

Our qualified arborists are skilled at analyzing tree issues and assessing whether tree removal is the best course of action. With the use of appropriate tools and techniques, our professionals can efficiently and safely remove trees while also grinding the stump to a depth of up to 12 inches below ground level.


When a tree stump is removed by grinding, the resulting stump grindings or shavings can be either left in a mound on-site or removed, with the latter option typically incurring an additional cost. It’s important to note that large stumps, when ground out, can produce a substantial pile of grindings. Therefore, it’s advisable to discuss this with one of our estimators to make an informed decision.

Tree stumps not only occupy valuable usable space but also present safety hazards when left untouched. Whether you have stumps left behind from a previous property owner or are in the process of completing a land clearing project, our team is well-equipped to efficiently clean up your land, ensuring a safe and usable space in no time.


Our tree removal service prioritizes the preservation of your beautiful lawn and landscape. We utilize specialized equipment designed to minimize any impact on your lawn during the tree removal process. With our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your outdoor space, you can trust us to safely and efficiently remove trees while leaving your lawn in pristine condition. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a lush and undisturbed landscape after our tree removal services.